The Best Gifts for Personal Trainers

17 Best Gifts for Personal Trainers in 2024

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Giving gifts is an amazing thing, but searching for the perfect ones can cause you a lot of stress, especially if you’re not too close to the person and don’t exactly know what they like. Your trainer is probably one of those people you see all the time, but you focus on working out so you don’t really know what they would like. Not to worry, though, because we have a selection of the best gifts for personal trainers.

Whether it’s a birthday gift, a Christmas present, or just a little something to say thank you, we got your back. We have some stylish apparel, accessories, tools — everything a personal trainer needs and can make use of. 

Let’s do some shopping!

What are the best gifts for personal trainers? – The best things to give to a personal trainer are those you know they will use. It can be a recovery tool, a fitness book, gift cards, a T-shirt, or some high-quality compression socks!

Gifts for a Personal Trainer

Apart from showing up to your appointments on time and being respectful and considerate, you probably also want to show your personal trainer how much you appreciate them by getting them a present. But what exactly do you get them?

You likely don’t want to spend too much money but still want your gift to be good quality and something they will be happy with. For personal trainers, it’s best to stick with fitness-related presents, and it can be something that will complement their job or even personal care. 

Fitness gear is a great gift to give, and a trainer can never have too many wrist wraps, wrist straps, or weightlifting belts. Apparel is also a good choice, because who doesn’t want to look good while working? When you look good, you feel better and more confident, so a simple T-shirt made by their favorite brand could be the best thing to get.

Gifts for a Personal Trainer

Small accessories play a big role in their everyday routine, and resistance bands and foam rollers may be something you want to keep in mind. Water bottles, shaker cups, or even a massage gun are also a great way to say thank you for a job well done. Consider some unique gifts for personal trainers to really show them you pay attention to them. 

The Main Events When You May Need a Gift for a Personal Trainer

Birthday gifts for personal trainers as well as Christmas gifts are the first things that come to mind, but as far as the occasion goes, presents are not restricted to just something that’s customary. 

Think about your work with them – any personal milestones you conquer with their guidance are a fantastic opportunity to show them how thankful you are by choosing a thoughtful gift. It will show them you recognize and appreciate their dedication and support, not to mention keeping you motivated and helping you push through the pain and feeling exhausted. 

Another opportunity could be completing a training program or recovering from injuries. If you’re injured and recovering, a good trainer will go the extra mile to adjust the workouts and encourage you to keep going, so what better way to show them you’re grateful than by getting them something? 

Events When You May Need a Gift

These all are great occasions for personal trainer gifts, but random little gifts that are given without any apparent reason may have the biggest impact.

If you surprise them on a simple Tuesday evening, it will show them you’re not buying them something because you feel obligated to but because you want to show them your continuous gratitude for what they do for you during your regular training sessions, which is often something that goes unrecognized. 

Leather Weightlifting Belt

Enhance your strength training with Warm Body Cold Mind leather weightlifting belt providing exceptional support and durability.


5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gift for a Personal Trainer

Not every gift is appropriate, and you need to take their personal taste into consideration. You may not be best friends with your personal trainer, but if you’ve been working with them for a while, there has to be something you know about them and the things they like.

Let’s see what are the things you should consider before getting gifts for fitness instructors. 

1. Personal Preferences

This comes down to their likes and dislikes. Don’t get them a book if you’ve never heard them mention they like reading, but if you see them wearing a T-shirt from a specific line or brand, that might be something worth considering. It’s all about paying attention to the little things about them to find appropriate personal trainer gifts for her or him. 

2. Specialty

What is their area of expertise? Don’t get them a yoga mat if your trainer is a weightlifter – get something that aligns with what they do, because it shows you actually thought about what to get them instead of choosing something random just to get it over with.

Choosing a Gift for a Personal Trainer

3. Occasion

The timing matters just as much as the gift itself. Is it a birthday, a holiday, or do you just want to show appreciation? Match your gift to the occasion. If it’s a birthday, you can get them a high-quality workout bag or a shirt. If it’s a milestone they’re celebrating (say they’ve reached a certain number of clients or completed a certification), a fitness tracker or something specialized to their training focus would be good. 

4. Budget

Budget always plays a part, and you need to set yours to be realistic. Don’t overspend, because you might make your trainer uncomfortable with an extravagant gift, and certainly don’t get yourself into debt for it. 

5. Boundaries

Remember that you’re buying a gift for a person you have a professional relationship with. Don’t get anything too personal or something that might not be appropriate in a professional setting. 


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The Best Gifts for a Personal Trainer According to Our Version

Now we’re finally getting into the specifics! You know exactly what to consider and what occasions you can shop for, so let’s see what are some of the best gifts for male personal trainers as well as female ones. We have it all covered!

1. Belt

A weightlifting belt is something every weightlifter needs, because it gives lumbar support during heavy lifts, helps stabilize the core, and prevents injuries

If you want to get one of them for your personal trainer, we recommend WBCM’s Leather Weightlifting Belt. It focuses on function and durability, and it’s made of genuine grade-A leather, which means it will last long and perform well. The 4’’ width gives good back support, which is vital for maintaining correct posture and reducing the risk of injuries.

The fit is snug and secure thanks to the double roller stainless steel buckle that’s reinforced with 4 strengthened bolts. It’s moderately priced and it’s unisex. 

2. Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are another important piece of equipment for anyone that’s into weightlifting and bodybuilding because they support your wrists. They won’t do that much for grip strength, but they’re important for preventing injuries. If you want high-quality wrist wraps that won’t cost you much, WBCM’s Elastic Velcro Wrist Wraps are something you want to check out. 

They’re made to provide maximum wrist support, which not only protects from injuries but also helps push past current limits. They’re adjustable, so all wrist sizes can get a snug fit, and the elastic material is comfortable and flexible. These are unisex, just like the belt, so that’s one less thing to worry about!

3. Wrist Straps

Another important accessory for weightlifters – wrist straps! They’re ideal for people who are looking to lift heavier weights because they can allow you to do more reps. They wrap around the wrist and the bar, distribute the weight more evenly and take the pressure off the forearms. WBCM’s Weightlifting Straps Lasso Pro are the best ones to get for your trainer.

They’re made from cotton, neoprene, and leather, so they are both comfortable and durable. There’s one size available, but with 21’’ length and 1.6’’ width, they will work for most people. These wrist straps can take up to 770 lbs, and their dual stitching prevents them from tearing. They’re moderately priced and offer unparalleled quality and performance. 

4. Knee Sleeves

Those who want to protect and stabilize their knee joints need knee sleeves. They provide compression, reduce pain, and increase blood flow, which can help with swelling during and after workouts. 

Your trainer will love WBCM’s Weightlifting Knee Sleeves because they’re a blend of support and compression, which makes them useful for everything from weightlifting to running. These knee sleeves have an anti-slip system that makes them stay in place, so there will be no distractions that come from the sleeves moving and sliding.

The ¼’’ neoprene is durable, breathable, and excellent at absorbing moisture. They come in several sizes and colors and are suitable for both men and women. It’s another gift idea that won’t cost you too much, because these sleeves have a rather moderate price.

5. Apparel


Snapbacks are not just a fashion statement — they’re actually very functional because they protect your eyes from the sun if you’re training outdoors. They also keep your hair and sweat out of your face, and they can absorb some sweat. Although the product page shows a male wearing the snapback, this is unisex, so it can also be one of the best gifts for female personal trainers. 

The Snapback #FocusB from WBCM is a unisex item that looks sleek, athletic, and has a flat brim. It has a structured fit and six panels with eyelets for durability and comfort. There’s only one size available, but it’s adjustable, so it will fit most people. It’s an affordable way to say thank you to your personal trainer, just make sure to warn them that it can only be hand-washed!


Another thing people mistake for simple accessories is socks! Quality socks will protect your skin from the abrasion of heavy weights and equipment and provide some added stability and increased blood flow through compression.

They will also keep your feet dry, which will make you more comfortable and prevent blisters. Socks would be a great gift for your personal trainer, especially if you get high-quality ones, like the WBCM Long Weightlifting Socks

They’re very affordable, unisex, have 3 sizes available, and you get amazing value for money. These socks are made with high-performance antimicrobial yarn and advanced mesh to dissipate heat and manage moisture. They have targeted cushioning that absorbs shock, and the reinforced arch support reduces foot fatigue. The socks are made of 78% microacrylic fiber and 22% elastane for snug but flexible fit. 


A workout bag is something everyone that has a fitness routine needs, and you can’t go wrong with buying one for your trainer. 

Rogue’s Gym Bag is one of the best ones you can buy, and it’s unisex. It’s a modern version of the classic carryall and it is absolutely perfect for an active lifestyle. The bag is made in the U.S. from a durable 1000D Kordura, and its dimensions are 24’’x10’’x10’’. It’s versatile, so it can be used for the locker room, travel, or field.

The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable, and the two nylon handles are insanely durable. The bag also has a full-length zipper, an external pocket, and an internal zippered pocket. 

It is moderately priced and very robust, so it will last for a long time. 

6. Small Accessories 

Thumb Tape

If your trainer handles heavy weights and bars often, then they need thumb tape to protect their thumbs from abrasion and injury, support their joints during lifts, and improve their grip strength. 

The one we recommend is the WBCM Lifting Thumb Tape. It is moderately priced, and each pack comes with 3 rolls of self-adhesive tape. It is easy to apply, and once it sticks, it won’t move, so they can focus on performance. This tape is suitable for both men and women and people of all fitness levels. 

Liquid Chalk

Gymnastics, climbing, weightlifting… All of these need a secure grip, and what better way to get it than liquid chalk? It absorbs sweat and reduces the chances of slipping, so it’s very important for safety and performance. 

WBCM’s Liquid Chalk is formulated to dry quickly and outperforms its nearest competitors by lasting 68.7% longer. Its application is super easy and makes no mess. Since it lasts long on the skin, there’s no need to reapply it all the time, which means your trainer won’t be annoyed with constant interruptions during their workouts.

It has a mild citrusy scent, and all it takes to wash off is soap and water. It leaves no residue and absolutely no scent after it’s washed off. The price is moderate, so you won’t need to spend too much money to surprise your trainer. 

Block Chalk

Investing in quality chalk can have a big impact on performance and technique, and if you know your trainer prefers block chalk over liquid chalk, then go for the WBCM Block Chalk

This chalk is affordable and made of 100% magnesium carbonate. You can get one 2 oz block or an even more cost-effective pack of eight blocks. It doesn’t rub off easily and helps with issues caused by sweat, humidity, or oils. This chalk is suitable for deadlifting, kettlebell workouts, bodybuilding, bouldering — pretty much anything that needs a secure grip. 

Barbell Collars

Barbell collars prevent weight plates from sliding off the barbell and ensure a balanced, secure setup during lifting. They’re a great little present to get for your trainer because you just know they’ll find it useful.

WBCM’s 2’’ Barbell Collars come in 11 colors. They have a swift release mechanism and offer exceptional resilience and longevity against scratches. These collars are made to fit all 2’’ Olympic standard barbells, so they cater to various disciplines: Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, cross-training, deadlifting, bench presses, etc. They’re lightweight and prevent rattling of weight plates.

This is one of those gifts you just can’t go wrong with, and best of all, it’s reasonably priced. 

Wrist and Ankle Weights

Your personal trainer uses a lot of accessories to intensify either their or their clients’ workouts, so wrist and ankle weights are a good way to go. They’re versatile and can be used for all kinds of exercises.

Sportneer’s Wrist and Ankle Weights come in sets of two weights and there are 8 colors to choose from. Each weight is 1 pound and the weights themselves are iron blocks coated with silicone, while the closing is Velcro. These will accommodate most wrist and ankle sizes ranging from 5.5’’ to 9’’.

They’re waterproof and sweatproof, which means they can be used in different environments, even underwater. Another great thing about them is that they look elegant, are not bulky, and are moderately priced.  

7. For Recovery


Having a massager can be a game-changer when it comes to post-workout recovery, so if your trainer doesn’t already have one, they’ll be very excited to receive it as a present. 

Ekrin’s Bantam massager is on the pricier side but has an exceptional quality. Its compact size doesn’t compromise its functionality: the performance is powerful, and it has an adjustable speed ranging from 2000 to 3200 RPM.

The device has a brushless motor and comes with 4 interchangeable massage heads: flat, bullet, rounded (silicone) and fork. The battery lasts for up to 6 hours, and Ekrin provides a lifetime warranty for this massager. 

8. Souvenir Gifts


If you want something cute, we have just the thing for you. WBCM’s Mini T-shirt is another extremely affordable gift you can buy for your trainer, and there’s no way they won’t love it. It’s not a T-shirt they’ll actually be able to wear because it’s meant to be a little souvenir, but they can place it anywhere and looking at something this tiny and adorable is sure to make them happy.

Cups and Bottles

A mug is always a cute gift to give, and since we’re talking about a gift for your personal trainer, get something from a well-known fitness brand. 

The YETI Rambler is a 14-oz camp mug that’s suitable for coffee, tea, or cocoa, but it can also be used for soups, chili, oatmeal, etc. The mug does a great job of maintaining the temperature of whatever is inside because it has double-wall vacuum insulation and seal-tight lid. 

It comes in black with exclusive Rogue branding and is dishwasher safe. The price is rather high if you’re just thinking about it as a mug, but considering its high quality and the fact that you’re possibly getting it as a present for someone, it’s good value for money. 


There’s a science between exercising and getting results, and fitness books are invaluable resources of training methodologies, optimizing workout routines, and principles of fitness. Sure, your trainer is an expert, but no one should ever stop learning. 

Asgaard Company’s “Practical Programming for Strength Training” is a seminal work founded on over 60 years of academic expertise and elite-level coaching experience. This book analyzes exercise responses across an athlete’s training history, and it is a fantastic source of knowledge, especially for personal trainers.

It offers tailored training models backed by exercise science, and its 256 pages of information is a great way to improve anyone’s strength training regimen. The book is affordable and will help your trainer understand exercise responses even better than they already do. 

Gift Cards

A gift card may not be extremely personal, but it’s probably the best way to make sure a person you’re getting it for will get something they want from it because they can choose what to spend it on. Rogue’s Gift Card can be delivered by e-mail or print and as far as the amount goes, you can choose anything from $25 to $1,000,000. Yep, you read it correctly: you can get your trainer a million-dollar gift card.

The card has no hidden fees, it will never expire, and you can choose between 15 different designs. 


Should I Give a Gift to My Personal Trainer?

If you’re happy with the work they’re doing and you enjoy working with them, a gift can be a perfect way to say thank you and show your appreciation. It doesn’t need to be expensive, and you don’t have to go out of your way to find it – a little something that is directly related to what they do will be just fine. 

What Present to Get for a Personal Trainer?

Get something practical for a present, such as a weightlifting belt, wrist straps, gift cards, thumb tape, etc. Focus on something that is not too personal and doesn’t cross any boundaries, because this is someone you have a professional relationship with, after all. 

What Should I Get for My Personal Trainer for Christmas?

A lot of brands will release limited edition, Christmas-themed equipment for the holidays, so that might be your best bet. Think of ankle weights with little Christmas trees on them, or a gift card that has a Christmassy print. A Christmas gift for trainer doesn’t need to be anything spectacular, just something you think they’ll find useful. 


Whew… That was a lot of potential presents to go through, but at least now you have an idea of what to get your personal trainer for Christmas, birthday, or any other special occasion! Presents are the perfect way to show your appreciation because you’ve invested your time and money into buying something you think your trainer will like.

Just make sure to stick to your budget (we don’t want any debt here!) and don’t cross any professional boundaries. We can never get enough gift ideas for personal trainer, so share with us what you would like to get for a present and what you plan on buying for your personal trainer!


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