The Warm Body Cold Mind team takes product testing seriously: each product type is assessed personally by our team members who define the specific criteria to evaluate the item fully.

How We Make Our Product Reviews

Before writing a review itself, each selected product is thoroughly reviewed and checked within the defined criteria, enabling us to estimate its performance and overall quality. The results of our work can be found in the reviews and guides on the website. To provide readers with accurate scoring of the item, we train with each piece extensively to understand how it feels, who it’ll fit the most, whether it’s durable enough, etc.

Subsequently, we evaluate each product using the determined set of criteria based on the product specifications we’re reviewing. With more subjective assessments, we try to segment the audience and offer users more personalized recommendations.

How We Pick Products

We test and rate each product considering key characteristics to give the audience a consistent, unbiased, and all-inclusive assessment. Our reviews include only highly rated and demanded products with thousands of customer reviews.

Usually, we also add the best budget option, the premium pick, and other particular categories (if possible) for a reader to select the most suitable product. When writing a review, we focus on overall quality, durability, design, tactile sensations, packaging, and value for money.

How We Make Sure Our Ratings Are Accurate

Considering the great diversity of sports training equipment and garments, it’s almost impossible to review all of them. Nevertheless, we do our best to assess them fully and present a comprehensive review.

Our expert team analyzes and compares the chosen products to create informative and objective reviews. The key factors we consider when choosing the items are the amount of customer feedback, sales rating, brand recognition, and other specific characteristics relevant to the particular product.

How We Test Products

Before writing a review, we personally buy the products and test them in our gyms, which helps us to study it closer and determine its positive and negative sides. Consequently, we can present an adequate and true assessment of the product.

For each product, we highlight specific features we’ll evaluate according to the 5-point scale. We include a top-pick product that is the best one and can offer a runner-up option that is the second-best in the category.

How We Earn Money

To keep it short, we’re funded by our readers. If someone decides to buy a product via our links, we earn a commission from the companies within our network. We will never accept money for a product review, its altering, or to influence our testing. We conduct open and transparent product reviews by presenting the audience with true facts and honest scores.

Why Should You Trust Us

We create trustworthy and adequate content to stay competitive among industry opponents and provide unbiased assessments of sports garments and supplements. We do our best to satisfy clients’ needs and help them achieve their fitness goals.

We’re passionate about our work, as we do it for the benefit of our readers and those who visit our website for the first time. We choose to be 100% independent from the third-party companies. What does that mean? When we receive free products to review, we do not let that influence our ratings. Companies we cooperate with respect our editorial independence and appreciate trusted feedback to improve their products.

We conduct unique research: besides our personal assessment, we also search for insights from other qualified and credible sources within our network. Moreover, we present only up-to-date information: considering the fact that sports equipment is constantly upgrading, we regularly revise the existing products.

Our Team

Torokhtiy Media Team

Having a profound team of professional weightlifters, athletes of other sports, personal coaches, fitness and wellness experts, scientists, and certified nutritionists, we vouch for exceptional-quality product reviews. Due to their in-depth knowledge and expertise, we follow the highest standards of sports item reviews by meeting your training preferences.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions you would like to share, reach out using our email address [email protected]. Our customer service experts will answer your questions and will listen to your recommendations that may occur to improve our content.