Knee Sleeves Size Chart

Knee Sleeves Size Chart

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If you’re looking for knee sleeves and you aren’t sure where to start – firstly, measure the circumference of your knee and refer to the knee sleeve size chart (below). After that, if you’re into weightlifting or are generally fond of intense workouts, then getting a pair of quality knee sleeves is an amazing choice to get additional support and safety when pushing your limits.

WBCM knee sleeves

Table of Dimensions By Main Characteristics (Length, Material)

Use this sleeve measurement chart to determine which knee sleeve size suits you the best.

Knee Sleeve Measurement Chart

Size*Knee joint (Inches) Knee joint (Centimeters)Material
S<11.8’’<30cm7mm thick neoprene
M11.8’’-13’’30cm-33cm7mm thick neoprene
L13’’-14.2’’33cm-36cm7mm thick neoprene
XL14.2’’-15.7’’36cm-39.5cm7mm thick neoprene
XXL15.7’’-17’’39.5cm-43cm7mm thick neoprene
XXXL17’’-18.3’’43cm-46.5cm7mm thick neoprene

* measure around the knee cap

Knee Sleeve Measurement Chart

How to measure for knee sleeves? (step-by-step advice)

Finding the perfect fit for knee sleeves might not be as straightforward as some may think. There is a compression knee sleeve size chart that’ll help you determine the right fit, but you’ll first need to measure your knee circumference. We’re here to make this tedious process simple. 

1. Measure Your Knee Circumference

Measuring your Knee Circumference should be at the top of your list. Get into a standing position. Take a flexible measuring tape and measure the circumference of your leg just below the middle of your kneecap (mid-patella). As a benchmark, the average knee circumference in females is 13-20 inches (33-51 cm), and 14-22 inches (35.5-56 cm) for males.

2. Refer to The Size Chart (above)

Knee sleeve sizing is very important. By picking the correct size, you’re ensuring a snug, but not too tight, fit. A fit that is too tight will restrict blood circulation, while a loose knee sleeve slip will simply slip. Use the knee support size chart to pick the correct size.

3. Consider Your Activity

In case you’re between sizes then pick a size, from the leg sleeve size chart, according to the purpose. If you’re buying knee sleeves for lifting, then pick the smaller size. If you’re doing endurance activities (those have a longer duration), pick the bigger size. 

We hope that our size chart for knee sleeves helped to guide you in the right direction! If you’re also looking for weightlifting-related products beyond knee sleeves, you’ll find plenty at the Warm Body Cold Mind online store. The WBCM store is designed to be easy to navigate, so that you can find the perfect product that will suit your needs in a simple, straightforward way!

Warm Body Cold Mind 7mm Weightlifting Knee Sleeves

Warm Body Cold Mind 7mm Weightlifting Knee Sleeves are a standout choice among knee sleeves due to their quality and product longevity, as well as versatility. The 7mm (as opposed to 5mm) WBCM knee sleeves offer maximum support and stability while still feeling comfy.

The material used is neoprene, as it helps with flexibility and heat retention while still serving its purpose. You can get them in different sizes (refer to the knee sleeve size chart below). To top it all off and to further customize your pick, the WBCM Knee Sleeves are available in three color options: black, black/white, and black/pink.

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