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5 Best Resistance Band Handles in 2024

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Reviewed by Tanya Shaiko

Resistance bands are some of the simplest pieces of fitness equipment you’ll find, yet they’re incredibly versatile and have a place in strength training, improving the flexibility of your muscles and helping with rehabilitation. Essentially, they’re usually just pieces of elastic material, so they can be a little awkward to use sometimes, but not if you have the best resistance band handles though!  

The handles can do a lot to improve your workouts and add some versatility to them. Your grip will be more secure, and you will be able to focus on the workout better, and not on holding the bands. 

We have a list of 5 exceptional resistance band handles, and we’ll explore all of their key features, see what’s so great about them and what can use some improvement. 

Let’s handle this!

Our group of coaches, professional athletes, and certified experts has put 12 resistance band handles through rigorous testing to bring you the top 5 choices. The handles were evaluated on 5 key aspects, with our team spending over 250 hours testing them.

In addition to our thorough testing, we’ve reviewed hundreds of online user reviews. We regularly update our recommendations, so your comments, experiences, and discussions are always welcome!


Our Best Choice!

ROGUE Band Handle

Rogue’s handles for resistance bands are the best ones you can find as of right now, which isn’t really surprising, because Rogue is known for their quality.

Top 5 Best Resistance Band Handles Reviewed

  1. ROGUE Band Handle – Gold medal
  2. GYMREAPERS Handles for Resistance Bands – Silver medal
  3. IRON BULL Exercise Handles – Bronze medal
  4. ROGUE Tube Bands – Best resistance bands with handles
  5. ANGLES90 SRL Grips – Bonus alternative
ProductTotalGripComfortDurabilityReliabilityValue for
Iron Bull4.754.554.54.5
ROGUE Tube4.654.

1. ROGUE Band Handle


ROGUE Band Handle

Our Ratings: 4.9

Grip: 5

Comfort: 4.5

Durability: 5

Reliability: 5

Value for money: 5

Rogue’s handles for resistance bands are the best ones you can find as of right now, which isn’t really surprising, because Rogue is known for their quality. These handles were co-developed with Ohio fitness pro Tom Varga, and they promise to improve the benefits of workouts that include resistance bands.

  • Material: Glass-reinforced nylon, non-slip virgin rubber hand grip
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs per handle
  • Diameter: 1.25’’
  • Color: Gray/black
  • Price: $$$$$

These handles are made of a combination of glass-reinforced nylon resin molded over a steel handle shaft and a non-slip virgin rubber on the hand grip. The diameter is 1.25 inches, and the total outside length is 5.375 inches, with an overall width of 7.25 inches (5 inches for the handle). They’re ergonomically designed, and with each weighing 0.75 pounds, you get a nice and balanced feel without any bulkiness. 

Their main selling point is the torsion spring with a snap closure. With this, the two halves of the handle close automatically over a loaded resistance band, and the primary goal is to keep the band’s position, preventing side torque. There’s no slipping during use, because the rubber is really grippy, and the handles are very durable and feel sturdy.

One of the biggest advantages is that Rogue’s handles give you more precise control over the band, since they’re not like traditional grips, which use both sides of the band and can cut its tension potential in half. Rogue’s innovation makes your workout more efficient and effective and minimizes wasted energy.

You’d think they’re absolutely perfect, but that’s not quite the case. These handles are great, but a very few people have noticed that they have a tendency to open during some exercises, which makes the band slip out.

But to be fair, this issue might be due to the mishandling or wear & tear on the user's part, as the issue doesn’t seem to be widespread/common. You’ll also notice that there’s some tension applied to your wrists and forearms during things like curls and biceps. Keep in mind, these drawbacks are really tiny in the grand scheme of things — they won’t ruin your workout or anything dramatic like that.


  • Innovative design
  • No slipping
  • Very durable
  • Available as a single handle or a pair


  • Pressure on the wrists and forearms during certain workouts

2. GYMREAPERS Handles for Resistance Bands


GYMREAPERS Handles for Resistance Bands

Our Ratings: 4.8

Grip: 5

Comfort: 4.5

Durability: 5

Reliability: 4.5

Value for money: 5

These are more than just your average exercise band handles, because they come with a door anchor. They’re very practical and cheaper than our top pick.

  • Material: Handles: heavy-duty nylon, metal handle, thermoplastic rubber grip, Door anchor: Polyester, foam
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Price: $$

The construction is pretty robust, with heavy-duty nylon webbing and a sturdy metal loop handle. The handles are made of thermoplastic rubber and don’t slip even when you grab them with sweaty hands. The handles can withstand up to 500 pounds, which is impressive. 

GYMREAPERS Handles for Resistance Bands Instagram
Photo by @gymreapers

Gymreapers claims they’re compatible with any resistance band, cable machine, or pulley. That’s not totally true, because you can’t use them with larger bands, they just don’t fit, and the only way around it is to use carabiners. If that’s not a problem for you, great, but it’s highly unlikely that it won’t be a bother. 

The door anchor is a great addition which expands the number of workouts you can do, so if you want to add diversity to your training routine, this is one of the best ways to do it. It’s made of durable polyester and protects your door frames from potential wear and tear or paint damage.


  • Great weight capacity
  • Comes with a door anchor
  • Dual steel D-rings for improved stability


  • Inconsistent length
  • Can’t be used with larger resistance bands

3. IRON BULL Exercise Handles


IRON BULL Exercise Handles

Our Ratings: 4.7

Grip: 5

Comfort: 4.5

Durability: 5

Reliability: 4.5

Value for money: 4.5

Iron Bull made these workout band handles to be both aesthetic and functional. They look really sleek, and the vibrant red accents bring a pop of color. They add some flair to your training, but more importantly, their performance is great.

  • Material: TPR rubber, nylon webbing, steel carabiner
  • Diameter: 1.4’’
  • Weight capacity: 500+ lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Price: $$$

The grips are made of TPR and have an alveolate texture. This design is supposed to make them super comfortable and resistant to slipping. And while it’s true that they don’t slip, they’re not exceptionally comfortable. They’re okay in that regard, but nothing too spectacular. 

They have an impressive weight capacity of 500+ pounds, so they’ll be suitable for all kinds of exercises, and you won’t have to worry about them falling apart. As far as the handles themselves go, this product is fantastic. But the carabiner is the issue. Yes, it’s heavy-duty, metal, etc., but it’s good in theory and not so much in practice.

First of all, it barely opens and is really hard to work with, especially if you want to swap out the bands during your workout. Secondly, the inside of the carabiner is sharp. Not as sharp as to make you cut your finger but sharp enough to damage your resistance bands if you’re not careful with it. If Iron Bull would work on the carabiner (like a bunch of people are telling them to), these handles would be higher up the list.


  • Looks aesthetic
  • Neat, strong stitching
  • No slipping


  • The carabiner doesn’t open enough
  • The carabiner is sharp on the inside

4. ROGUE Tube Bands


ROGUE Tube Bands

Our Ratings: 4.6

Grip: 5

Comfort: 4.5

Durability: 4.5

Reliability: 4.5

Value for money: 4.5

These tube bands are exceptional and more comfortable than your regular bands.

  • Material: Latex-based elastic
  • Color: Orange, red, blue, green, black, purple
  • Price: $

They’re made of latex and the handles are textured, which is what you want for tube bands. The base length is 48’’, but the end-to-end is 65’’, so they’ll fit almost anyone. If you want to add a dynamic resistance element to your rows, presses, bicep curls or shoulder raises, you’ll be happy with how these bands work.

ROGUE Tube Bands Instagram
Photo by @roguefitness

They’re not as durable as a pair of regular bands would be, but that’s just the nature of tube bands. There are several resistance levels to choose from (all color-coded) and it goes from 10 pounds to 60 pounds. They provide great targeted resistance, and even though they’re not completely perfect, they are still one of the best options you’ll find. They come in pairs, or you can buy an entire resistance bands set with handles.


  • Grippy handles
  • 65’’ total length
  • Color-coded resistance levels


  • Not as durable as regular resistance bands
  • Maximum resistance is only 60 lbs.

5. ANGLES90 SRL Grips



Our Ratings: 4.4

Grip: 4

Comfort: 4.5

Durability: 5

Reliability: 4.5

Value for money: 4

If you thought of a ski stick handle when you saw these, that’s no surprise because that is exactly what these grips were inspired by! Simon Sparber, the founder of Angles90, literally cut off ski stick handles, attached them to a pull-up bar, and ended up inventing a product people from all over the world swear by.

  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Color: Orange/black
  • Price: $$$$

So, is this a gimmick or is it a product that actually works? It depends on who you ask. In all honesty, it’s expensive for what it is, and if you expect a drastic difference compared to the traditional grips, this isn’t it. However, there’s a reason why these grips are so popular. 

They’re designed to minimize the stress on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders, so essentially, they do a good job at preventing common injuries. The point of their design is that it enables you to move freely and improves the natural flow of movements during exercises like deadlifts, pull-ups, and rows. The patented handle opens up a spectrum of grip options, with each one being meant for a specific workout and preference. 

The weight capacity is 400 pounds per handle, and they were made in Italy. They also went through extensive testing at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. The grips are compatible with various pulling machines, cable machines, bars, and bands, so there’s a lot of freedom in terms of training and muscle targeting.

The free grip position allows for dynamic movements and contributes to greater stabilization and muscle tension, which are basic principles in strength training.

Do you need them? Not necessarily if you have grips you like using. They’re expensive, slip a little here and there, and there is a gimmicky element to them. But if you want something new, fun, and innovative, you’ll like them, because overall, they’re functional, do their job, and will be a breath of fresh air.


  • Made in Italy
  • Innovative
  • Various grip methods
  • Antibacterial grip surface


  • Not ideal for large hands
  • Expensive for what they are
  • Slip a little sometimes


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What Are Resistance Band Handles?

In short, resistance band handles are accessories/add-ons that can be attached to resistance bands so that the bands become easier to handle as well as providing a more secure grip.

Resistance bands are fantastic – they’re versatile, can give you similar strength gains as traditional fitness equipment, and are even used for rehabilitation. But have you ever noticed they can be kind of awkward to handle sometimes? If you’ve ever tried working out with them, there’s a good chance you wanted to have something additional to make holding them more comfortable. Something like… a resistance band handle?

Pro Tip:

Before utilizing resistance band handles for rehabilitation purposes, make sure to first consult your physical therapist. Resistance band handles might change muscle focus or engage the targeted muscles in a different way, which can be a good thing, but that can also be detrimental to the goals of the therapy.

As far as their design goes, there are all kinds of resistance tube handles, but all of them are supposed to fit comfortably in your hands and they shouldn’t slip. Some are ergonomic and mimic the natural form of the hand and, comfort-wise, those are always the way to go. 

Compatibility can make or break a resistance band handle because you want them to seamlessly integrate with a lot of different resistance bands. This way, you’ll be able to customize your workout because you’ll have access to different resistance levels and will be able to swap the bands during your workout.  

Resistance Band Handles

Everyone can use resistance bands so naturally, everyone can also use the handles, regardless of the type of workouts they’re doing. If you’re focusing on strength training, you’ll get stability and support from the handles.

If you’re using the bands for rehabilitation, the handles will give you a controlled, adaptable means of building strength and flexibility. Resistance bands are effective for weight loss, too, so throw a pair of handles on them and watch as your workouts become more and more effective!

5 Benefits of Resistance Band Handles

Handles for exercise bands are an added expense, and you might confuse them for just a way in which the fitness industry is trying to make money, but they come with a lot of benefits. 

Better Grip and More Comfort

This is the main reason for using them – your grip will be more secure, you’ll have less issues with slipping, and the handles are a lot more comfortable to hold compared to resistance bands. Secure grip is extremely important in workouts like bicep curls, where a firm hold will improve control and muscle engagement. 


The handles make resistance bands even more versatile, because with them, you can do a wide range of workouts with different hand positions. It is great for targeting specific muscle groups and for flexibility overall. 

Improved Stability and Control

Resistance band handles will improve stability and control in dynamic exercises. When you include the bands into squats, for example, the handles contribute to maintaining stability throughout the movement and promote proper form. 

Targeted Muscle Engagement

Did you know resistance bands can build muscle just like weights can? And with the handles, you’ll get even more grip positions. If you’re doing lat pulldowns, for instance, the altering grip will allow you to focus on lats, rhomboids, or rear deltoids separately. 

training with resistance bands

Less Stress On the Joints

The handles are designed in a way that they reduce the stress on the joints, so they’re good for people with joint issues. When it comes to exercises like knee-friendly leg workouts, the handles promote joint-friendly strength training, so it’s both effective and comfortable. 

How to Choose Resistance Band Handles?

Reviews, especially the ones from people who have actually used the product, are always a very valuable source of information. However, you shouldn’t buy something just because a random person says it’s good. It’s better to know exactly what you’re looking for first, and then sift through a few reviews because you’ll be well-informed. 

1. Comfort

You can’t have a comfortable workout if the resistance band handles feel weird in your hands, so choose handles that are ergonomically designed and give a comfortable grip. 

2. Grip

All resistance band workouts rely on a secure grip, so look for handles that have textured or non-slip surfaces. They will prevent slipping and give you control and stability throughout your workouts. 

3. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is an important factor because the handles need to align with your fitness level and strength. If you choose handles that have a high weight capacity, they’ll be more versatile, so you will be able to use them even if your fitness level gets pretty high. 

4. Reliability

Reliability is key – make sure that the handles you choose are made of durable, high-quality materials that can withstand regular use. Look for reinforced seams, sturdy construction, and reliable attachment mechanisms.

How to Choose Resistance Band Handles

5. Price/Quality

Price always plays a part, but luckily, resistance band handles aren’t expensive when you compare them to other fitness equipment. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t spend too much on them, so set a realistic budget and stick to it. There are a lot of great affordable handles that are excellent value for money. 

How to Use Resistance Band Handles?

Don’t worry, there’s not an entire process behind using the handles. Resistance bands are incredibly simple, and so are the resistance band handles. 

The only thing you really need to do is to choose a resistance band and then secure it onto the handles. Then, grip them with a firm (but comfortable) hold and check that they are secure. Nothing should be loose, and the bands shouldn’t be coming out of the handles. 

During your workouts, you should try and maintain proper form and control, and use the handles for stability. Try different grip positions to target specific muscle groups and make sure to incorporate a variety of movements, from pulls to presses. The handles are super versatile, so take advantage of that. 

You can even swap resistance bands during the workout — you don’t need to stick with just the ones you started with. And with the handles being so simple, you’ll be able to make a change in a snap, so your workout flow won’t be disrupted.

Pro Tip:

For safety and to prevent unwanted accidents, make it a habit to check the resistance band handles you’re using before each use. Look for signs of wear and tear and any type of damage in general (e.g. cracks, tearing, thinning of the material, etc.).


Are Resistance Bands Better With Handles?

For a lot of people, yes, they really are. The handles make the resistance bands even more versatile, and don’t forget about the added stability and comfort. You work out without handles, of course, but if you have them, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever want to be without them. 

What Resistance Bands Should a Beginner Buy?

If you’re a beginner, go for light to medium resistance bands with handles. They’re still versatile, but you’ll be able to progress gradually, and you’ll have time to get used to the feel of resistance bands. 


Well, that was a lot to handle! But the key takeaways from this are that if you already love resistance bands, adding handles to them will make you love them even more and there’s no way you won’t like resistance bands with handles workouts.

You don’t know versatility until you get your first pair of resistance band handles, and if you don’t know which ones to buy, give ROGUE Band Handle a try. You can buy just one and see how you like it, or you can go for a more cost-effective option and buy a set of two right away. 

Do you use handles with your resistance bands? What improvements have you noticed since you started using them? What do you think are the most important features resistance bands need to have? Have you encountered any issues with them? That would be it from us, but we can’t wait to read your comments and suggestions, so leave anything you can think of below!

Now, that’s been handled well!


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