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August Digest: Weightlifting News and Inclusive Updates

Hey there, weightlifting enthusiasts! Let’s catch up on the latest happenings and updates from the lifting world.

1. CrossFit Games: Champions Emerge

From August 1 to 6, the CrossFit Games took center stage, showcasing incredible strength, determination, and skills. Let’s salute Laura Horvath and Jeffrey Adler, the champions who demonstrated their prowess. Laura’s victory holds extra significance, as she becomes the first woman since Tia-Clair Toomey to claim the title. Records were shattered, limits were pushed – it was a true testament to athletic excellence.

2. Rivne’s Powerlifting Triumphs

A round of applause for our peers from Rivne, Ukraine! These lifting heroes made their mark at the World Blind Powerlifting Games in the UK.

Ukranian Powerlifting Team Rivne

Their extraordinary efforts brought home an astonishing 23 medals, including an impressive 14 golds. But that’s not all – they also set a remarkable 12 world records. This achievement speaks volumes about dedication and hard work paying off.

3. IWF’s Progressive Move

In a significant stride towards inclusivity, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has introduced a new Open Gender division for competitive weightlifting. This move, along with other updates, reflects the IWF’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for non-cisgender athletes.

The IWF’s Gender Identity Policy outlines changes to eligibility for the Men’s, Women’s, and Open Gender divisions, ensuring a more inclusive and diverse weightlifting landscape.

4. “No Lift” List at World Championships

In a surprising twist, three world record holders and an Olympic champion have declared their intent to weigh in without lifting at the upcoming International Weightlifting Federation World Championships in Riyadh.

Among the athletes are Kuo Hsing-Chun, Shi Zhiyong, and others, who have chosen to weigh in without lifting for various reasons. This unprecedented move introduces a new dynamic to the competition, stirring anticipation and curiosity.

And hey, here’s some exciting news to keep an eye on: Torokhtiy’s media team is gearing up to highlight the World Weightlifting Championship 2023 in Riyadh! So, stay tuned for all the thrilling updates and action from this prestigious event.

Torokhtiy Media Team

Remember, the lifting community is evolving, and we’re a part of these exciting changes. Stay strong, stay focused, and let’s continue making strides in the world of weightlifting!

Ihor Shymechko

Author: Ihor Shymechko

Coach, PRO Olympic Weightlifter

Ihor Shymechko is a renowned Ukrainian weightlifter. He has represented his country in several Olympic Games, notably in 2008, 2012, and 2016. His impressive career includes winning the European championship in 2009 and earning a silver medal in 2011 in the +105 kg division. Shymechko also earned a Ph.D. from Lviv State University of Physical Culture.

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