7 Best Exercise Sliders in [year]

7 Best Exercise Sliders in 2024


Reviewed by Sergii Putsov

Simplicity usually means versatility, because a simple tool can be used in a bunch of different ways. It is certainly true for exercise sliders: they’re simple yet incredibly effective and versatile, which is why we’ve prepared a list of the best exercise sliders for you.

Why should you think about giving these a chance? They’re very compact and affordable and provide a unique way to add some intensity to your workouts. They will challenge your stability and engage a lot of muscle groups, and you can use them anywhere because they’re easy to transport. 

Let’s slide into the reviews and see which sliders deserve your attention!

Our expert team of professional athletes, trainers, and medical professionals has tested 23 pairs of exercise sliders to bring you the 7 best ones. They evaluated them on 5 key factors and dedicated over 350 hours to testing them. Along with the extensive testing process, our team also combed through hundreds of online user reviews. This list is updated regularly, so feel free to share your experiences in the comment section!


Our Best Choice!

SKLZ Slidez

SKLZ’s exercise slides are the best core sliders out there and they won’t break the bank. They offer a dynamic, on-the-go approach to core training, and you can use them with both hands and feet. The sliders provide a comprehensive range of omnidirectional movements on pretty much any surface (that excludes carpets because there’s not enough slip).

Top 7 Best Exercise Sliders Reviewed

  1. SKLZ Slidez – Gold medal
  2. X-PROTECTION Felt Furniture Sliders – Silver medal
  3. SYNERGEE Core Sliders – Best budget
  4. ELITE SPORTZ Core Sliders 
  5. A AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders
  6. LIVE INFINITELY Core Sliders
  7. THIRTY48 Core Sliders and 5 Resistance Bands  – Best combo with bands
A AZURELIFE4.243.5454.5
LIVE INFINITELY3.93.54.543.54

1. SKLZ Slidez


SKLZ Slidez

Our Ratings: 5

Material: 5

Durability: 5

Size: 5

Versatility: 5

Price-Quality: 5

SKLZ’s exercise slides are the best core sliders out there and they won’t break the bank. They offer a dynamic, on-the-go approach to core training, and you can use them with both hands and feet. The sliders provide a comprehensive range of omnidirectional movements on pretty much any surface (that excludes carpets because there’s not enough slip).

  • Material: Durable, low friction
  • Size: 9”L x 8”W
  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Made For (type of floor): Almost any type of surface
  • Price: $$$$$

The top surface has a large, grippy tread pattern that makes the sliders stable during use, which is a common concern with sliders. They’re prone to just slipping out from under you, but these ones don’t have that problem. The tread pattern is great for grip and contributes to a smooth and stable progression through various slide and glide training movements. 

Underneath the surface is a low friction, non-marking material. The combination of the grippy top and slippery bottom is important for a consistent, controlled workout experience.

SKLZ Slidez Instagram
Photo by @sklz

The sliders are super durable and give a good surface for push-ups, mountain climbers, and inchworms. The hex shape adds an extra dimension to the training and allows for omnidirectional movements that challenge your core in different ways. 

Another great feature is their clip-together function, which allows you to lock two sliders together and expand the range of exercises to include bilateral training. It adds a lot to their versatility and allows for more varied, challenging workouts. The sliders are sold in pairs, so you can take advantage of this feature as soon as you get them.


  • Suitable for use with hands or feet
  • Grippy tread pattern surface
  • Dual-layer design
  • Hex shape for omnidirectional movements


  • Not slippery enough to use on carpets

2. X-PROTECTION Felt Furniture Sliders


X-PROTECTION Felt Furniture Sliders

Our Ratings: 4.9

Material: 4.5

Durability: 5

Size: 5

Versatility: 5

Price-Quality: 5

In the fitness world, innovation often comes from repurposing everyday items into exercise equipment, which is exactly the case with X-Protection’s Furniture Sliders. They’re actually designed to help with moving heavy furniture across hard floors while preventing scratches, but they’ve found a place in fitness routines too.

  • Material: Thick felt and rubber foam
  • Size: 2.5"L x 2.5"W; 3.5"L x 3.5"W; 4.75"L x 4.75"W; 6"L x 3.5"W
  • Color: Black
  • Made For (type of floor): Hard floors
  • Price: $$$$

These sliders are made from a combination of thick felt and rubber foam. There’s no adhesive on the top surface, and the sliders rely on rubber foam for grip. This is exactly what makes these sliders suitable for fitness: the lack of glue means that if you use them for lunges or planks, you’ll have no residue left on your hands or feet. 

The way they distribute the weight is another plus. Their original purpose to support heavy furniture translates into exercises that need stability and balance. The sliders provide a smooth and stable base for a variety of workouts, from core strengthening to lower body exercises, which are crucial for maintaining proper form. 

From a practical standpoint, these sliders are incredibly user-friendly. They’re easy to place under your hands or feet, and their size will be just right for most people. However, they have their limitations.

First, they don’t slide smoothly on certain floor types, like vinyl plank flooring, which is a problem for exercises that require fluid movements. Another issue is that they may not be the best for dynamic movements. If you do exercises that include jumping or quick changes in direction, these sliders will likely slip.


  • Super versatile – can be used for furniture and exercises
  • Effective weight distribution
  • No glue on the top surface
  • Affordable


  • Don’t slide well on all floor types
  • Not suitable for high-impact exercises

3. SYNERGEE Core Sliders


SYNERGEE Core Sliders

Our Ratings: 4.6

Material: 4.5

Durability: 5

Size: 4

Versatility: 5

Price-Quality: 4.5

Synergee was founded in 2017, and it’s targeted towards full-time moms, dads, caregivers, students, teachers, caregivers, emergency services personnel, etc., who want convenient fitness equipment. Their philosophy revolves around the belief that fitness should be affordable to be enjoyable, so they’re committed to producing quality equipment that comes at affordable prices.

  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Size: 7”L x 7”W x 0.5”H
  • Color: Electric green, jet black, power pink, yellow
  • Made For (type of floor): Dual-sided for multiple surfaces: foam side works best on smooth hard surfaces, such as hardwood floors, while plastic side works best on softer surfaces, such as carpet or turf.
  • Price: $$$

The vibrant color is the first thing you’ll notice (unless you get the jet black version) because it stands out. The second thing you’ll notice is that these gym sliders are on the smaller side, so they won’t be ideal if your hands and feet are large. They’re made of polyvinyl chloride and weigh 8 ounces, so they’re really lightweight and easy to include in your fitness routine. 

They’re made for “ultimate core engagement.” They do this by challenging your every movement’s stability and balance and transforming even the simplest exercises into full-body workouts. They make you activate your core, leading to stronger and more toned abs. 

These sliders are dual-sided, with foam on one side and plastic on the other. The foam is meant to be used on hard, smooth surfaces, and the plastic side is designed for softer surfaces, like carpet or turf. The material is decent quality and won’t scuff up your floors, but it doesn’t glide as smoothly as you would want, especially on carpets.


  • Affordable
  • 4 colors available
  • Dual-sided


  • A bit small
  • Don’t glide completely smoothly

4. ELITE SPORTZ Core Sliders


Our Ratings: 4.4

Material: 4

Durability: 5

Size: 4

Versatility: 5

Price-Quality: 4

Elite Sportz was founded on the principle that fitness and exercise should be accessible to everyone. They’re dedicated to providing user-friendly, affordable, innovative equipment.

  • Size: 7.09"L x 7.09"W x 0.91"H
  • Color: Black, pink, purple, yellow
  • Made For (type of floor): Multi-surface use - designed for gliding on most surfaces including carpet, hardwood, tile, and gym floors.
  • Maximum Weight: 300 lbs
  • Price: $$$

These sliders for working out are incredibly lightweight: only 6.4 ounces. As far as the dimensions go, they’re compact…  Almost too compact. They’re a bit bigger than our budget pick, but they would be even better if they were wider, because that way, they would be suitable even for very tall people with large hands and feet.

Nevertheless, their low-impact nature makes them usable for a wide range of fitness levels, and they’ll be kind to your knees and ankles. It is another pair of sliders that has a dual-sided design, so you can use them on almost all types of floors. They’re very durable, won’t show any signs of use soon, and even come with a lifetime warranty, which is something rare for this kind of equipment. 

Apart from being small, there’s another issue, and that’s the fact that the material is such that your feet have a hard time staying on top of the sliders during workouts. It would be better if they were a bit more concave, because the slip can get distracting and annoying.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Instructions included


  • Small
  • Feet slide off during workouts

5. A AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders

A AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders

Our Ratings: 4.2

Material: 4

Durability: 3.5

Size: 4

Versatility: 5

Price-Quality: 4.5

These foot sliders for exercise are super affordable, come in 3 different colors, and are dual sided, so you can use them on all types of floors. All this sounds ideal, but truth be told, these are okay for beginners or people who haven’t used other sliders. If you’ve used something of better quality, from a more well-known brand, you’ll probably be a bit underwhelmed.

  • Material: EVA foam, ABS plastic
  • Size: 7” diameter
  • Color: Blue, gray, purple
  • Made For (type of floor): Hardwood, wood, tile, carpets
  • Price: $$

The 7” diameter is going to be okay for shorter or average-height people, but if you’re tall, you’ll wish that these were wider. They weigh 0.5 pounds, which is awesome, and the combination of foam and plastic surface works well while the sliders are still new. The plastic side is good for carpets, and the foam side should be used on hardwood, wood, and tile floors. 

After a few weeks of using them, you’ll notice that the foam side starts to flatten and separate on the edges from the plastic part. This is why these are good for beginners – you won’t spend a lot of money on them, you’ll be able to see if you even like using sliders, and once you get the hang of it, you can move on to something more robust.

They’re decent value for money even though they won’t last you very long, but if you’re an advanced user, you may want to skip on these and get exercise foot sliders that are more heavy-duty. You’ll spend more, but it will be worth it in the long run.


  • Very affordable
  • They slide smoothly and without interruptions
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not ideal for people with big hands and feet
  • Not very durable



Our Ratings: 3.9

Material: 3.5

Durability: 4.5

Size: 4

Versatility: 3.5

Price-Quality: 4

Life Infinitely is a brand that believes life is meant to be lived with infinite possibilities, and they want their equipment to reflect that belief. They’re committed to providing customers with tools that will help them become healthier, more motivated, and confident.

  • Material: Foam, ABS plastic
  • Size: 7"L x 7"W x 0.5"H
  • Color: Black and gray, teal, mint, purple
  • Made For (type of floor): Carpet, hardwood, tile
  • Maximum Weight: 275 lbs
  • Price: $

These sliding pads for workouts are compact: their diameter is only 7 inches. It would be better if they were wider, but they’re still usable despite the smaller size. When you buy the sliders, you immediately get the eBook that gives you exercise ideas and workout routines, which goes hand in hand with their philosophy of keeping their customers motivated. 

The sliders are designed to be universal, with no-catch edges, and suitable for use on almost all surfaces. One side is made of foam, and the other is made of ABS plastic. You’ll unfortunately notice your feet slipping off of the sliders due to insufficient grip, which will compromise your stability. It may be something you’ll get used to or figure out a way to work with.

You can try wearing winter socks with grippy bottoms instead of sneakers and see if it makes a difference. Another issue is that the foam is not very smooth and soft, so it leaves scratches on hardwood floors due to the way the foam slides across the floor. It’s not very smooth and more like a combination of jerky moves than sliding.

Nonetheless, these sliders are definitely more suitable for carpets, because they have no issues gliding across them. They are among the cheapest sliders you’ll find, but they have their problems, so keep that in mind.


  • Digital eBook included
  • 1-year warranty
  • Very affordable
  • They slide well across carpets


  • Your feet will easily slip off the sliders
  • The foam side doesn’t slide well and scratches hardwood floors

7. THIRTY48 Core Sliders and 5 Resistance Bands


THIRTY48 Core Sliders and 5 Resistance Bands

Our Ratings: 3.8

Material: 3

Durability: 4

Size: 4

Versatility: 4

Price-Quality: 4

Thirty48 is a brand rooted in science and technology. They focus on creating state-of-the-art synthetic blended fabrics and they primarily produce athletic socks. They’re named after the fact that there are 30.48 centimeters in a foot, and Thirty48 is all about offering infinite possibilities for those who choose to wear their products.

  • Material: Bands: 100% latex, Sliders: fabric and plastic
  • Size: Bands: 12”x 2”, Sliders: 7” diameter
  • Color: Black, blue, pink
  • Made For (type of floor): Various surfaces (hardwood carpet, tile)
  • Maximum Weight: 275 lbs
  • Price: $$$$

This bundle includes five resistance bands that are made of 100% natural latex, which means they’re eco-friendly and have no odor. Each band has a different level of resistance (although the lighter one snaps easily, so you won’t be able to use it long). They’re 12” long and 2” wide and have no trouble staying on your body – no crunching, shifting, or pinching.

When you combine resistance bands with the two workout foot sliders that are included, you get workouts that are versatile, challenging, and motivating. The sliders are dual-sided: one side is made of plastic, while the other is fabric. The plastic side is okay, but the fabric starts peeling as you start using it, which is disappointing.

The good thing is that you can still use the plastic side without problems, even if the fabric side doesn’t work as well as expected. This bundle is very versatile, and you can use everything in it for either workouts or rehabilitation. It’s good value for money, and you won’t get bored easily because there’s a lot of exercises you can do with bands and sliders.


  • Resistance bands included in the order
  • Nylon drawstring bag for transport
  • The plastic side slides very smoothly


  • The lightest resistance bands snaps easily
  • 100% latex might trigger allergies
  • Fabric on the sliders pills


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What Are Exercise Sliders?

There’s a ton of simple fitness equipment out there, but exercise gliders for feet are some of the simplest, most straightforward tools you can find. They’re small, flat discs that are designed to be used on all kinds of surfaces, including hardwood, carpet, and tile. 

With them, you slide (or glide) through the exercises, and they challenge your stability and balance, which in turn engages different muscle groups. The concept is simple but effective: as you do your exercises, like lunges or mountain climbers, the sliders make your base less stable and force your muscles (especially your core) to work harder to keep you balanced.

It intensifies your workout and promotes better coordination and flexibility. Slider workout equipment provides low-impact workouts, and it’s a great way to add some diversity into an already established fitness routine, but it’s also excellent for beginners who are just figuring out what will work for them. 

How Do Exercise Sliders Work?

Essentially, they add an extra layer of instability that challenges you during your workouts. They’re frequently used for exercises like lunges, planks, or mountain climbers. You place them under your hands or feet to create a sliding or gliding motion and the key to their effectiveness lies in the reduction of stability.

How Do Exercise Sliders Work

Since they reduce the stability of your base, they make your muscles work harder to control the sliding movement. Let’s say you’re doing lunges. As you slide one of your feet back, the stabilizing leg on the other slider engages your core and lower body, which makes the exercise more difficult and activates a broader range of muscles.

You’ll notice that you’re constantly struggling with stability and balance when you’re using sliders, and that’s exactly what you want, because that struggle is what makes your workout effective.

6 Benefits of Using Exercise Sliders

Sliders are really easy to include in your routine because they’re affordable, simple, and effective. They can make a world of difference for your fitness routine, so let’s see why you should at least consider buying a pair or two.

Core Activation

With the instability the sliders introduce, your core muscles need to work harder than usual to keep you stable and balanced, which leads to a stronger core, and there are a lot of benefits to having a strong core

Low-Impact Workouts

The exercises you do with exercise floor sliders are done through smooth, gliding movements that don’t put as much stress on your joints. If you’re looking for exercises that will be nice to your joints, then grab yourself a pair of exercise sliders. They’re particularly good for people who are dealing with joint issues but still want to remain active. 

Improved Flexibility

The sliding movements promote flexibility because they extend your range of motion. This can make your muscles and joints more flexible and support overall mobility. 

Engagement of Stabilizing Muscles

A lot of traditional exercises won’t do that great of a job when it comes to engaging your stabilizer muscles, but sliders can help with that. They will effectively engage the muscles around your knees, hips, and ankles, and you’ll get a more comprehensive workout. 

Targeted Muscle Toning

The sliding motion is great for muscle toning. For example, if you’re using exercise sliders during leg exercises, you can effectively target your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, which will help you tone and sculpt specific muscle groups. 

Better Calorie Burn

Exercises that include sliders are dynamic and challenging. This means that they will elevate your heart rate, which will result in more calories burned.

What to Look for In Exercise Sliders Before You Buy?

When you look at exercise sliders at first, they all look pretty much alike, but if you’ve read through a few reviews or comparisons, you know there’s more to them. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some are dual-sides, others are not… There’s a lot to consider, so we’ll go over the most important things. 

1. Material

The material plays a huge part because it affects durability and performance. Ideally, you should have exercise sliders for carpet and hardwood floors in one, with one side being made of high-quality plastic and the other being either fabric or foam. If they’re dual-sided, they can also be used as sliders for rubber gym floors.  

2. Size and Diameter

Size and diameter are important because the sliders need to suit the size of your hands and feet. If the sliders are not the right size, you’ll struggle too much during workouts, and eventually quit altogether.

3. Smooth and Consistent Glide

The whole point of exercise sliders is that they provide a smooth, uninterrupted gliding motion. There should be no sticking and no jerky movements, only fluidity. Gliding is what makes the exercises effective, so without that, you’re just wasting your time.

What to Look for In Exercise Sliders

4. Price

Sliders are simple and they don’t need to be expensive to be good. It makes sense for complicated machines to be pricey, but you really shouldn’t pay too much for a pair of exercise sliders. 

5. Ease of Cleaning

Since they come in contact with a lot of different surfaces, exercise sliders need to be cleaned often. Choose ones that are easy to wipe down and resistant to dirt to keep them hygienic.

MaterialConsider dual-sided sliders made of high-quality plastic on one side, and fabric or foam on the other. 
Size and DiameterChoose sliders that suit the size of your hands and feet.
Smooth and Consistent GlideLook for sliders that provide a smooth gliding motion, without sticking or jerky movements. 
PriceDon’t spend too much on sliders because they don’t need to be expensive to be effective. 
Ease of CleaningSliders should be easy to clean and resistant to dirt to stay hygienic. 

8 Tips on How to Use Exercise Sliders Properly

They may be simple in design, but there’s still a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using exercise sliders. Let’s see if there are any shortcuts and how you can get the most out of them.

1. Choose the Right Surface

It all starts with the correct surface. You can choose a hardwood floor, tiles, or a carpet, but don’t work out on abrasive or rough surfaces. They’ll damage your sliders, and you won’t be able to achieve smooth movements.

2. Warming Up

Every workout needs to start with a warm-up, so take 10 minutes to stretch and prepare your muscles.

3. Basic Movements

If you’re new to exercise sliders, start with something basic to get the hang of using them. Do lunges or leg slides to get accustomed to the sliding motion.

4. Engage Your Core

Keep your core tight and engaged throughout the movements to keep yourself stable. This will protect your lower back and make the workout effective. 

5. Control Your Movements

The key to these exercises being effective is to keep your movements controlled. There should be no rapid or jerky movements because they can strain your muscles and that can lead to injury. Move slowly and with purpose to target the muscle groups you’re trying to work on.

6. Proper Form

It’s all about the form with workouts. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and joints aligned. This way, your exercise is effective, and you have a lot less chance of getting injured. 

How to Use Exercise Sliders Properly

7. Balance Flexibility and Stability

Sliders allow for a broad range of motion and improve your flexibility. However, this needs to be balanced with stability exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles around joints to promote their health.

8. Cool Down

You shouldn’t start your workout without warming up and you shouldn’t end it without cooling down. Take a few minutes to stretch when you’re done with working out to help improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness. 


Are Exercise Sliders Worth It?

Yes, exercise sliders are worth it because they make your workouts more versatile, and they target different muscle groups with low impact. Sliders do a great job at engaging your core, improving balance, and providing a challenge while also being incredibly accessible. 

What Can I Use Instead of Sliders for Exercise?

They're not that difficult to substitute, so if you don’t have exercise sliders, you can use washcloths on hard surfaces, or paper plates on carpets. A towel or an old shirt on tiles would also be good substitutes. All of these will allow for smooth, gliding movements and engage muscles similar to those sliders would. 

Are Slide Boards Good for Knees?

Yes, they are gentle on the knees, and they offer low-impact workouts. Smooth gliding reduces stress on the joints and makes these types of exercises suitable for people with knee concerns. 


We’ve (smoothly) glided all the way to the end, with our joints practically intact because of how low impact these exercises are! With all of the benefits and features you’ve just learned about, you’re probably getting ready to buy yourself some exercise sliders and slide your way to a healthier, stronger, more toned you!

The best sliders you can buy are certainly SKLZ Slidez. They have it all: amazing price, perfect size, and a dual-layer design.

Which of the sliders from our list are you most excited to try out and why? Do you already have some exercises in mind? What do you expect to gain from exercise sliders and the workouts they offer?

Leave your tips, comments, opinions, or anything constructive! We’d love to hear what you think. 

Sliding out!


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