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Specialization: PRO Olympic Weightlifter, Coach

Experience: 26 years in PRO OLY weightlifting

Short Bio

Ihor Myronovych Shymechko is a Ukrainian weightlifter, born on 27 May 1986 in Lviv, Ukraine. He has represented Ukraine in numerous international competitions, most notably the Summer Olympics in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Shymechko’s most notable achievements include becoming the European champion in 2009 and winning the silver medal in 2011 in the +105 kg division.

During his distinguished career, Igor achieved outstanding achievements in weightlifting, setting a record in the jerk of 208 kg and in the push of 240 kg.

Ihor Shymechko lifting a barbell
Ihor Shymechko Olympic Games

Best Results

Ihor Shymechko has had a successful career in the weightlifting sport, particularly in the +105 kg event. A full list of his accomplishments is below:

  • 🥈 2006 – silver medalist of the World Championship (China);
  • 🥈 2008 – silver medalist of the European Championship (Italy);
  • 🏋2009 – absolute champion of Europe (Romania);
  • 🥉2009 – bronze medalist of the World Championship (South Korea);
  • 🥈 2011 – silver medalist of the European Championship;
  • 🏋2008 and 2012 – participation in the Olympic Games (Beijing (🇨🇳), London (🇬🇧), Rio (🇧🇷): 2008, 2012);
Ihor Shymechko Olympic Games

Education and Courses

Ihor Shymechko was educated at the Lviv State University of Physical Culture. He has a PhD in Sports Sciences.

Ihor Shymechko lifting a barbell
Ihor Shymechko with team

About Coaching

Shymechko holds a pivotal role as part of the elite squad at Torokhtiy Weightlifting. He is a part of the team that develops comprehensive Olympic weightlifting training regimens, strength and conditioning programs, and online nutritional guidance tailored to athletes of every caliber.

Ihor Shymechko with team


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