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Jacek Szymanowski – author, expert

Specialization: M.Sc.Eng. Biotechnology, Sports Nutritionist

Experience: 20 years

Short Bio

Jacek Szymanowski is a recognized expert in sports nutrition, particularly for athletes. He specializes in nutrition for athletes, strength and conditioning movement, and injury prevention. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering in Biotechnology. Szymanowski is an author and is well-known for his work in helping fighters improve their lifting and lifters improve their fighting skills.

Jacek Szymanowski’s significant achievements include his role as an author and expert in sports nutrition. He has gained recognition in the field for his innovative approach to combining lifting and fighting strategies to help athletes optimize their performance.

Jacek Szymanowski has a squat record of 200kg, a deadlift achievement of 240kg, and an overhead press prowess of 100kg.

Jacek Szymanowski lifting a barbell
Jacek Szymanowski in the Gym

Education and Courses

Szymanowski holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology. In addition, he has specialized training in Nutrition for Athletes, which equips him with the knowledge and skills to provide expert advice on dietary habits and nutrition for athletes to optimize their performance.

Szymanowski’s credentials include a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and specialist training in Nutrition for Athletes. It also has the following certificates of compliance:

  • MWOD – The Ready State Movement & Mobility 101 – 2019
  • FMS – Functional Movement Systems – 2020
  • Precision Nutrition – L1 Nutrition Coaching Certification – 2020
  • Precision Nutrition – Nutrition for Metabolic Health – 2023
  • Precision Nutrition – Nutrition Coaching for Athletes – 2023
  • Precision Nutrition – Specialist in Coaching Dietary Strategies – 2023

His expertise as a Strength and Conditioning Movement Specialist also underlines his qualifications in the field.

Jacek Szymanowski in the Gym

About Coaching

Jacek Szymanowski is a Strength and Conditioning Movement Specialist, indicating his expertise in physical training and conditioning for athletes. He is known for his unique approach to coaching, which involves combining lifting and fighting strategies to help athletes achieve their peak performance. He is dedicated to reducing injuries among athletes.

Jacek Szymanowski with Team


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