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Rufat Sembinov – author, expert

Candidate Master of Sports in “Army Hand-to-Hand Combat”
Fitness Trainer
Exercise Therapy

MMA Coach / Combat Sambo / Krav Maga


Short Bio

Rufat Sembinov is an ISSA-certified fitness trainer and exercise therapy specialist who has immense experience in such niches as fitness therapy, strength and conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, MMA training, senior fitness specialization, nutrition, post-trauma recovery, and prevention of future injuries.

He’s practicing fitness, strength and conditioning training, Krav Maga martial art technique implementation, MMA, self-defense, Muay Thai, as well as body weight management.


Speaking about his personal bests, Rufat’s Snatch achievement is 152 kg (335 lbs), Clean & Jerk of 207 kg (455 lbs), bench press – 184 kg (405 lbs) for 5 reps, and deadlift of 320 kg (704 lbs) for 2. 

Rufat Lifting a Barbell
Rufat Lifting a Barbell in the Gym

Education and Courses

Rufat Sembinov is a Candidate master of sport in “Army Hand-to-Hand Combat”

From 2003 to 2010 – he attended the training of personnel in physical and special combat in the military intelligence units and the security service of the President of Kazakhstan.

2015-2016 – got the Equinox Tier 2 personal trainer qualification.

From 2016 to 2023 – has been working as an independent trainer in Manhattan. 

Rufat Lifting a Barbell in the Gym

About Coaching

Rufat Sembinov is also a strength & conditioning coach of David Branch, a six-time World champion UFC MMA veteran, as well as other pro fighters from Bellator MMA, the second largest in the United States and one of the largest combat sport promotions in the world, and Professional Fighters League (PFL) promotions. 

He’s a strength and conditioning coach in MMA of a world champion in poker Oliver Busquite in his MMA debut.  Sembinov is also a personal trainer of other top Americans from politics, real estate, and finance, the chairman of Sotheby’s, many Broadway celebrities, and competitive cross-training athletes.

Rufat is boxing a punching bag


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